Dynamics of PWCG Trust

How the PWCG Trust Works to Serve You

Pacific West Capital Group specializes in serving investors whose portfolio or IRA account supports investments starting as low as $20,000. To maximize the protection of investors, large and small, all our fractional transactions take place through the PWCG Trust. The Trust purchases the policies and establishes capital reserves. This means the Trust will prosper independent of the life of Pacific West Capital Group.


Another advantage to using a Trust applies to those investors looking to utilize qualified retirement account funds, such as money in an IRA or 401k. Life insurance companies cannot pay benefits into an IRA account. However, under this highly efficient and reliable Trust structure, the death benefit from the policy is paid into the Trust and the Trust can legally distribute the money into the IRA. In other words, the Trust opens this profitable market to investors whose funds are in IRAs and 401ks.

The way the PWCG Trust works is simple and direct. The Trust purchases policies from the policy owners and is recorded as the new owner and beneficiary of the policy. When the change of ownership and beneficiary have been officially recorded and recognized by the life insurance company, Pacific West Capital Group then sells fractional interests to the investors giving them a percentage of the face value as their beneficiary designation. The trustee, Mills, Potoczak & Company, then issues an assignment of death benefit confirming the beneficiary designation within a specific policy.

Mills, Potoczak & Company, one of the most experienced trustees in the area of life settlements, monitors the policy until the insured’s death and handles all investment distributions. Throughout the process it provides all investors in the Trust with complete documentation as to the policy, the insured, changes of ownership and beneficiary, and all other information relevant to the investment. When the policy matures, the life insurance company pays the death benefit to the PWCG Trust. The Trustee then pays the specified beneficiary designation amount to all investors within the matured policy.

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