Premium Structure

Taking Steps to Assure Maximum Protection

Pacific West Capital Group goes the extra mile to assure policies are protected. For example, for every policy we establish a primary premium reserve escrow account with an amount equal to the cost of premiums for a period of six to nine years with the exact amount disclosed in the Life Settlement Policy Disclosure Form (some policies already have sufficient cash value within the policy to keep it in force for an even longer time frame). In addition, some policies have a disability waiver rider that pays premiums in the event the insured becomes disabled.

We have also established two other general reserve accounts that can be used to pay premiums should the primary reserve account become depleted. The first general reserve account is funded from 1% of all investor money for all policies. The second general reserve account is funded from excess or unused premium dollars from any primary reserve account due to the policy maturing before the primary premium reserve account becomes depleted. In addition, interest on all of the premium reserve accounts is accrued and added into the second general reserve account.

We have established this plan to pay premiums so that every policy is kept in force. For further explanation, please refer to the Life Settlement Purchase Agreement, which may be obtained through the brochure request form located to the right of this page.

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