Investment Implementation

A Clean, Clear Approach to Building Wealth

As a qualified investor with a $20,000 minimum investment per policy, an investor may purchase a share of as many policies as are available. The process is simple and straightforward.

The investor can fund the investment with cash or retirement accounts such as an IRA transfer or 401k rollover. No matter what the funding source, investment dollars are deposited with Mills, Potoczak & Company, a bonded escrow agent that has been a significant participant in the life settlement industry since 1991.

For an investment to be implemented, an investor must also complete a purchase agreement, policy disclosure form and purchaser suitability questionnaire.

  • The Purchase Agreement covers the purchase of an interest in the death benefit of a life insurance policy. It identifies the terms of the agreement, the amount invested, and the total fixed return percentage.
  • The Policy Disclosure Form gives details required by California law about the specific policy in which the investor is acquiring an interest. Most importantly, the investor gets information about the age and gender of the insured, the life insurance company, the total fixed return percentage, and dollar amount to be received upon maturity.
  • The Purchaser Suitability Questionnaire provides information to PWCG that allows us to confirm that the investor is a qualified purchaser of an interest in a life settlement investment in accordance with California law.

Upon funding and return of these completed documents to Pacific West Capital Group, Mills, Potoczak will implement an investment into the policy the investor has designated. Mills, Potoczak then issues a beneficiary designation to the investor. After passing of the insured, the life insurance company will pay the PWCG Trust the amount of the designation. The Trustee will then pay a cash investor the amount of their beneficiary designation or for an IRA investor, the Trustee pays the IRA custodian for the benefit of the investor.

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