Investment Objective

To achieve mid- to long-term capital growth for qualifying investors through life settlement investments.

The Strength of Selected Life Settlements

Pacific West Capital Group purchases interests in the proceeds of life insurance policies at a discount to face value where the insureds are 75 years of age or older with reduced life expectancies due to health complications. This translates into an opportunity for returns higher than those offered by traditional investment vehicles.

Policies Chosen to Meet Our High Standards…

In seeking to achieve the investment objective, PWCG reviews over $250 million of face value policies each month, selects policies that are non‐contestable, and only purchases policies that have been issued by United States life insurance companies that are “A-rated” or better as determined by Standard & Poors.

…To Protect and Nurture Your Wealth

PWCG then sells interests in these policies to qualified investors allowing them to participate in the profits.

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