Investment Regulation

California Law Regulates Investments
in Life Settlements as a Security

Because life settlements are unique in that they involve both investors and life insurance, in the past, there was no clear regulatory agency originally exercising regulatory oversight of the transaction. Then, it was unclear as to whether life settlements were a security transaction or an insurance product, or both. Individual states are responsible for laws and regulations concerning investments in these transactions. California is on the forefront for regulations and legislation protecting investors within the state in these transactions. It became one of the first states to enact defined laws with regard to regulating investments in life settlements as a security. As a California corporation offering the sale of investments in life settlements only to California residents who are qualified purchasers, Pacific West Capital Group strictly abides by the following legislation which allows for an exemption from qualification of its offering with the CA Department of Business Oversight: Senate Bill 1837.

For additional information, please visit the following Web site: California Senate Bill 1837

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