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This site describes both the life settlement industry and how we provide opportunities for qualified investors with $20,000 minimum investments. We have worked with thousands of qualified California investors who have found this vehicle to be a desirable diversification for their current investment portfolios. The offering is qualified for cash investments as well as IRA transfers and 401k rollovers.

Investments in life settlements serve as a great defensive strategy since the return is not dependent on or affected by the ups and downs of the stock market, interest rate fluctuations, domestic and world economy instabilities, or unexpected global events. With Pacific West Capital Group’s structure, the investment offers prudence while producing a minimum 100% total fixed return, meaning you double your money. Some policies even pay as much as 150% total fixed return, more than twice your investment!

The investment’s integrity is enhanced by regulation in the State of California and the fact that your payout comes from the largest, most financially stable life insurance companies in the world.

Our investors consistently find that the life settlement investment vehicle provides peace of mind and confidence. We at Pacific West Capital Group believe that you will discover it produces above average returns for your investment dollars.

We hope this material expands your awareness of investment opportunities and provides many good reasons for you to move forward with a life settlement investment. If you have any questions, we always welcome your call.

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